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Workflow Management

Businesses and government agencies around the world are facing a key challenge of coping with an increasingly Workflow Management with Intelledox Infinitidigital business environment. Improved wireless connectivity, easy access to digital devices like smartphones paired with easy to use apps and services have enabled this to happen.

The Challenge

Customers, employees and citizens have come to expect a frictionless experience when engaging with an organization, whether during the acquisition, on-boarding or servicing stage. This makes it extremely important to have a robust workflow management system in place.

Manual-based, paper or fillable PDF forms used by organizations are expensive, difficult to distribute and drive up operational costs. Paper-based processes are inefficient because manually collected data needs re-keying. This leads to human error. Besides the added cost, this leads to decreased customer satisfaction. Organizations require a  robust workflow management system with actionable workflow.

The Solution

The Infiniti platform by Intelledox provides business users the ability to link collected data with system data to drive digital content in addition to real-time Digital Document Delivery. Infiniti integrates with DocuSign to enable users to create customized, compliant documents. These documents are distributed to relevant stakeholders and electronically signed in real-time as part of a workflow.

Infiniti Workflow ManagementBusiness users can use Infiniti to connect to web services to transform all manual paper and electronic forms into automatic dropdown-and-click for completing any type of digital forms. There is no more wrong data input or manual error because all data is validated. This streamlines the workflow processing time significantly.

Infiniti’s workflow engine also enables teams to collaborate, review, and approve data, content, and final documents. Workflows are directed by a user to forward a project to a person or group using business rules and the collected data. These powerful controls are configured as per the business user's requirements with no coding or programming skills required.

Batch Processing

Intelledox Infiniti’s workflow management engine enables business users in organizations, large to small, digitally transform paper and eForms manual business processes into online guided user experiences.

With this engine, all collected data can be automatically integrated with any type of the existing system data record and web services, whether is it paid or free service. It helps an organization to reduce the risk of the document error due to wrong data input and human error.

Infiniti’s workflow management engine also provides integration with various core systems, ECM, BPM, CRM, ERP, JSON, Databases, RESTful Web Services, APIs, and more very easily through Quick Connectors.

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