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Cross Industry

Intelledox Infiniti is one of the most versatile cross industry Digital Transformation platforms in the market. Infiniti is used by organisations in various industries across trade and manufacturing, healthcare and the education industry to deliver outstanding results and amazing customer experiences. It is flexible and integrates easily, adding value to existing line of business systems and streamlining the document creation process. As a result, it brings cost-efficiency, fast processing time, reduced data input error and improvement in customer satisfaction.

Cross Industry

Adaptive Interviews

Infiniti’s ‘Adaptive Interview’ is a reliable way to collect data and push it to existing systems of record. The easy to use drag and drop web designer interface means Infiniti can be operated by business users who don’t have specialist IT skills.

Document Generation

Intelledox Infiniti assists with managing large customer bases through accurate document creation. Cross Industry organisations can generate documents such as shipping orders, sales orders, purchase orders, packing lists, commercial invoices, insurance certificates, bills of lading, bills of exchange, certificates of origin, and payment confirmations. In addition, all of the generated documents are compliant since the data used to create them is validated.

Centralised Control

With centralised control of corporate information and automated compliance, Infiniti enables organisations to easily manage their customers and staff on a global scale.

Cost Reduction

Organisations that use Intelledox Infiniti can cut the cost of document generation by up to 90 percent and template management costs by more than 80 percent. This delivers real business efficiency.

You can find out more about our Cross Industry Solutions by clicking on the resource links below. Case Studies, Analyst Papers, Fact Sheets, Videos and White Papers are available here.

Other Trade etc


Infiniti automates document generation, significantly reducing the resources required to create, manage and maintain information.

Trade and logistics

It can automate invoices, sales orders, commercial invoices and more. With streamlined connectors to line-of-business systems and authentic data sources, Infiniti makes data immediately actionable and accurate with a multitude of delivery options.


  • Customer correspondence
  • Employee on boarding
  • Travel approval automation
  • Healthcare administration services
  • Safety manuals
  • Contract generation
  • Building inspection forms
  • Mobile data collection
  • Purchase orders
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