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CRM & Line of Business integration

Finding the best software for CRM Integration is critical to ensure a successful digital transformation project within any organisation. Most organisations that identify such software early on in the digital transformation process will have guaranteed results. While organisations that choose a solution which is difficult to integrate with their existing IT systems will face an uphill task to achieve true digital transformation.

Intelledox Infiniti CRM Integration

Intelledox Infiniti easily integrates with CRM and Line of Business systems in your organisation. Infiniti's XML engine makes it easy to integrate seamlessly with existing IT business systems. Rather than replace legacy systems that are critical to running business processes, Infiniti enhances these systems with it’s ability to push and pull data from them.

With Intelledox Infiniti, integration with existing IT systems is quick and easy. Projects usually go live in a matter of days and weeks rather than months and years.

Read on if you'd like a brief explanation below about how Intelledox Infiniti integrates with CRM, and line of business systems to improve organisations governance and compliance.

CRM Integration

Infiniti software supplements existing CRM investments and completes the CRM cycle. It allows business users and customers to interact with CRM systems more dynamically and to automatically populate CRM databases with information from other sources (such as Infiniti smart forms ).

Infiniti makes CRM data immediately actionable and available for inclusion in documents such as quotes, statements of work, proposal generation and contracts.

Line of Business Integration

Integration is versatile and straightforward to configure. Infiniti software integrates with many technologies including Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, DocuSign, Salesforce, HP TRIM and Changepoint. To find out if Intelledox Infiniti connects to your existing IT systems, please contact us here.

Improve Governance and Compliance

Infiniti can mitigate risk and improve governance by using and re-using existing information and data from systems such as CRM, ERP and human resources. As part of this process Infiniti can dynamically register documents in the approved ECM/DM.

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