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Infiniti Adaptive Interviews

Every organization should be able to provide customers with the ability to kick off a business process with intuitive, easy-to-use digital interviews or SmartForms. Infiniti Adaptive Interviews take SmartForms to the next level.

Customers interact with Infiniti using an Adaptive Interview. The user experience will differ by device (mobile, desktop or tablet), the user’s location and the user’s context. Adaptive Interviews help organizations deliver differentiated customer and agent experiences across the whole customer lifecycle – while reducing the time and cost of acquiring, onboarding and servicing customers.

Streamline internal operational processes into intuitive, guided user experiences based on your customer’s personal preferences, device, and location with Infiniti Adaptive Interviews, the next generation of SmartForms.

Document Transformation

How can Adaptive Interviews transform your business processes?

PDF, paper forms, and manual processes are frustrating for both customers and employees, often leading to delays that cost time and money. While PDF forms don’t work well on mobile devices, HTML forms require time and expensive IT resources for any modifications.

Adaptive Interviews, the next generation of SmartForms can be accessed on any device, anytime, anywhere. You don’t require specialist IT knowledge to build Adaptive Interviews and they have already helped hundreds of organizations around the world to optimize business processes and make mobile data collection simple.

With Infiniti Adaptive Interviews (SmartForms) you can:

  • Automate information gathering
  • Trigger process workflows
  • Generate complex documents fast
  • Work even when offline on multiple devices
  • Save costs
  • Capitalize on more sales opportunities
  • Maintain great customer relationships
Infiniti on Surface tablet

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Intelledox helped The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development revamp their import license application system by creating a single dynamic Adaptive Interview (SmartForm), integrated with the department’s existing content management system, to guide users through the application process.

The new online application system allowed users to easily answer a set of interview style questions to select a vehicle import option, enter relevant details and upload supporting documentation. In the first three months following the Infiniti Adaptive Interview (SmartForm) release, over 2800 electronic applications were received. Up to 95 percent of applicants chose to pay using the Adaptive Interview’s (SmartForm) credit card payment gateway.

Click here to view the import license application portal.

DITR Form Preview

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner – Cyberbullying form

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner sought to transform their cyberbullying complaint lodging process with an easy to answer Adaptive Interview (SmartForm).

Previously citizens were required to manually complete forms and email to the authorities for review. Employees then keyed this information into the system for further processing making the whole process time-consuming, costly and prone to human error.

Intelledox digitally transformed the process by replacing paper-based forms with Infiniti Adaptive Interviews (SmartForms). The new Adaptive Interview (SmartForm) automatically pushes submitted interview data into the regulatory body’s existing system, reducing the risk of error and saving employees’ time.

Click here to see how Intelledox helped citizens to easily lodge cyberbullying complaints.

ACMA Form Preview

Wellington Institute of Technology

Intelledox helped digitally transform the student application process at Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec). The earlier system required applicants to complete paper forms, attach supporting documentation and send it to the enrollment office by post or in person. Intelledox replaced this manual process with an Adaptive Interview (SmartForm) process that allowed students to submit their applications using a mobile, computer or tablet.

WelTec anticipated that one-third of student applications would be submitted online within twelve months of deploying the new Adaptive Interview (SmartForm) process. However, more than 40 per cent of applications were submitted online within just 2 months.

This simple change not only reduced the number of man-hours spent in sorting the documentation for the institute’s staff but also eased the application for students ensuring a seamless enrolment system.

View the WelTEc online application form here.

WelTec Form Preview

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