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The Intelledox team is committed to delivering work of a high standard that exceeds client expectations. Our consultants work closely with clients to ensure successful final outcomes.

Here's an overview of what this process involves:

  1. Installation is discussed shortly after the project commences. This allows time to resolve potential obstacles before roll out.
  2. Employee training begins. This is to ensure staff are familiar with Infiniti prior to roll out.
  3. Intelledox consultants conduct a thorough review of the business requirements.
  4. Solution designing begins.
  5. Intelledox consultants ensure that the system is ready for deployment in a production environment. The Intelledox support team remains on standby to assist with last-minute issues that may arise during this period.
  6. Intelledox formally signs-off with key project stakeholders
  7. Intelledox conducts a post-implementation review.
  8. Product maintenance and support extend throughout the lifespan of the agreed support contract.
  9. Invitations to Infiniti user groups and webinars are offered regularly to ensure that clients stay up to date with product features and developments.

To find out more about the consultation and delivery process, contact us.

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