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Featured / Taking the “Rocket Mortgage” approach to completing Life Insurance Application Process

The average Life Insurance Application process takes six weeks or more to complete leading to missed revenue opportunities due to customer drop-off. Life Insurance purchases are increasingly becoming “impulse buys” on mobile phones and tablets and the new imperative for

Featured / Digital Transaction Management for Total Loss Claims Process

The North American insurance industry is challenged with expensive, time-consuming and complex Total Loss claims process. In this highly regulated and dynamic sector, an effective process ecosystem is critical for long-term success. Intelledox Infiniti can help insurers improve business efficiencies by reducing

Featured / Automated Travel Approval solution at Australian National University

Intelledox implemented an automated travel approval solution to digitalize the Australian National University's travel approval process. The whole solution was implemented in just eight weeks using smart forms and integration with Oracle PeopleSoft and Oracle Financial Management System. Solution highlights:

Lessons from the whiteboard: What makes Infiniti smart forms ‘smart’?

In this episode of Lessons from the Whiteboard, Intelledox CEO Phillip Williamson explains why Infiniti smart forms are more than just e-forms.

Lessons from the whiteboard: Infiniti’s workflow feature explained

Intelledox CEO Phillip Williamson explains how Infiniti’s workflow engine uses rules and actions to produce complex outputs.

Lessons from the whiteboard: What is Infiniti and how does it work?

Intelledox CEO Phillip Williamson explains Infiniti's architecture in everyday language.

Let Intelledox Infiniti drive your CRM further

Leverage CRM data for instantly actionable information with Intelledox Infiniti. For more information about how Infiniti helps you get more from your Microsoft investments, visit here.

How to encrypt an answer file in Infiniti

Jason from Intelledox demonstrates how to encrypt an answer file in Infiniti.

Infiniti password security settings

Amy from Intelledox explains how Infiniti's advanced password security settings help keep your information safe.

How to generate an Excel worksheet using Infiniti

In this home loan comparison demonstration, Amy from Intelledox explains how Infiniti can be used to generate Excel worksheets with graphs and tables.

Intelledox: Be a part of our journey

Intelledox allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paper work and red tape.

SharePoint Document Automation & eForms for Financial Services

Are you concerned about timeliness to market, accuracy, regulatory reporting, compliance and governance? Join award winning SharePoint solution provider and Financial Services Industry expert Gig Werks for a webcast on document automation and smart forms in SharePoint. The webcast will discuss SharePoint as well as highlight the document automation tool for SharePoint, Intelledox Infiniti. Learn how your organization could significantly reduce time and resources spent on manual administrative tasks; and automate document assembly and e-forms ensuring accurate customer communication, compliance, good governance and seamless integration with existing line of business systems.

Rich Text from a SharePoint List

A brief walk-through of new features in Intelledox Infiniti which allow Microsoft SharePoint users to leverage Rich Text to be used within output documents, as well as showcasing advanced integration within SharePoint.

Sharepoint Integration

This video will show you a demo of how seamlessly Intelledox integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 to generate an employment contract.

Citizen to Government Portal

Using the Intelledox Producer front end tool combined with TIBCOs Enterprise Service Bus, governments can deliver an excellent connected service to citizens while saving on IT resources and maintenance through a highly dynamic, efficient architecture.

Document Automation for Healthcare

Intelledox enables both instant access to information from across the HIS environment for physicians and dynamic population of patient information for administration. Streamlining admission packs and eliminating the need to re-key or transcribe data.

Generating Employment Contracts

This video demonstrates how easy it is to generate Employment Contracts through the use of Intelledox. Documents are output accurately each time and contain all the necessary content, branding and styling.

Procurement Contract Automation

This video will demonstrate the capability of Intelledox to generate a customized procurement contract based on the answers to a dynamic question set through the Intelledox Producer wizard.

Add-in for Microsoft Word

The Intelledox Word Add-in leverages the easy integration of the Intelledox platform to give users instant access to a unified, approved content library directly out of the Microsoft Word Ribbon.

Eliminate Content Chaos

Intelledox eliminates duplication, inefficiency and waste. Allowing organizations to achieve and maintain legal compliance, unified branding and consistency while keeping the document generation process more efficient and easier than ever for the end-user.

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