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Featured / Infiniti GO for Mobile

Infiniti GO for iOS makes mobile data collection simple. Featuring online and offline capability, capturing information in the field has never been so easy.

Featured / What’s new in Infiniti 9.0

Infiniti version 9.0 delivers Adaptive Engagement and On Demand Communication solutions that help organizations digitally transform manual business processes into intuitive, guided, user experiences based on the customer’s personal preferences, device, and location.

Featured / Infiniti return on investment

Infiniti frequently delivers return on investment in weeks, rather than months or years. Find out how we do it.

Infiniti security

Infiniti is used by banks, financial services organizations, government departments and corporations with some of the strictest data security requirements in business. We continually improve Infiniti to make sure that it meets and exceeds best practice security guidelines, regardless of

What’s new in Infiniti 8.5

Infiniti version 8.5 is the most powerful and secure release yet. With advanced password settings, including complex passwords and lockout capabilities, Intelledox ensures that your data is protected. Infiniti 8.5 seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, such as

Infiniti features and benefits

Find out how Intelledox Infiniti can digitalize your organization's business processes using smart forms (eforms), CRM/line of business integration, document automation and data transformation.

Intelledox and SharePoint: A total document solution

Infiniti integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint, providing an end-to-end solution for business process digitalization. Find out more.

Infiniti: Adding value to your Microsoft investments

Intelledox Infiniti works alongside Microsoft products such as Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint to ensure that you get the most from your Microsoft investments.

Infiniti SmartForms

Infiniti SmartForms (Adaptive Interviews) are more than just online versions of paper forms. Download this fact sheet to find out how Infiniti smart forms can capture and transform your data, interact with existing systems and digitalize your business processes.

Infiniti mail-house integration

Need mail-house integration? No worries. Intelledox Infiniti automatically forwards dynamically-generated documents such as licence renewals or infringement notices directly to your organization's mail-house provider. Download the fact sheet to find out more.

Infiniti integration options

Infiniti complements existing business systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, HP TRIM and Changepoint to increase efficiency and add value to your business. Find out more.

Infiniti simplifies template migration

This fact sheet explains how Infiniti eliminates difficulties associated with template migration that usually require expensive IT resources to resolve.

Intelledox & TRIM Integration

Infiniti pairs with HP TRIM to provide an end-to-end solution for business process digitalization, including document creation and storage. Download the fact sheet to find out more.
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