Mobility - Empowering the mobile workforce of your business

Intelledox Mobility Solutions - with Powerful Offline Capabilities

Mobile devices have not only changed how we conduct business but also empowered employees to work anywhere, any time. Intelledox understands today’s complex business environment and the challenges that come with staying connected 24/7. Our Mobility Solutions not only meet the need of our customers but also help them achieve their business goals.

Infiniti offers a responsive forms experience that allows users to complete forms while offline and then automatically synchronize when a data connection is next established. Mobile projects really are available anywhere, anytime.

Every business is different, let us know your mobility business goals and we will design the mobility solution that is right for your business.

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Infiniti Browser Solutions

Infiniti is a suite of browser-based applications that can be accessed from any web-enabled device, and because mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, the Infiniti interface is completely device agnostic.

Infiniti allows users to collect data, trigger workflows and generate documents directly from within a personalized portal. It can be accessed via any web device to complete forms and trigger set business rules, including document automation, workflow and other output processes. Business rules can be executed automatically with little to no user intervention, and all without the need to install software to complete forms or input information.


Mobile App: Infiniti GO

Infiniti GO, the mobile application for Windows, iOS and Android developed by Intelledox, complements the existing suite of Infiniti browser-based solutions and features full offline capabilities. Infiniti GO allows users to access existing projects in a device’s native environment.

Collect and transform data at your own convenience with online/offline capability. Replace paper forms with dynamic, feature-rich smartforms that ensure business process consistency, compliance and quality, eliminating the need for paper forms and the error and delays associated with them.

Infiniti GO for iPad
Give employees Infiniti-enabled mobile devices to boost efficiency & productivity. Whether in the office or out in the field, Infiniti gives your team full access to essential core systems, resources, & applications that make multitasking a breeze, ensuring more work is done in less time.

Empowering the mobile workforce for your business



Intelledox mobility solutions can help agents generate quotes, action policy renewals and access e-application at a client site. We help action processing of policy and claims on the road or at the site of a disaster. Our solutions take care of back-end process with easy access to resources and documents helping you deliver a differentiated brand experience. With our mobile solutions your insurance team can be right place at the right time.



Empower your sales team to check leads on the road, give live estimate and serve the customer whilst they are onsite. Intelledox Mobility Solutions allows your team to convert leads at the source and get your products and services to your customers faster. Turn your team around by giving them the information they need anytime, anywhere.



Free yourself from the tedious task of account management and run your business from anywhere at any time. Intelledox Mobility Solutions can integrate with your bank account, generate purchase orders, send invoices and help manage & improve your cash flow. Intelledox also enables shorter times to invoicing through the use of electronic proof of delivery with e-signatures.


Finance (mortage)

Create more meaningful, relevant interactions with your customers. Our mobility solutions focus on a smarter, faster sales process for brokers while also helping the end customer make a quicker decision to their loan application. We continually endeavour to deliver customer technology solutions such as CRM system, loan processing system, report generation, commission payment system etc. that will help improve the process flow along the mortgage chain.

Case Study: Intelledox Infiniti helped insurance agents from a global Insurance brokerage to work from customer sites across New Zealand including remote cities and towns. The challenge faced by the agents was taking paper-based forms to be filled on-site which was entered into the system once they were back in the head office resulting in a delay of one week to 10 days.

Intelledox developed a customised mobile application equipped with online and offline capabilities. Insurance agents now had to take only a tablet with which they could collect customer data using offline forms, clicks pictures of the farmers’ assets and even secure a digital signature to seal the deal. They no longer had to worry about filing all the paper work as once within the network area, the data is automatically uploaded onto the server. The app also lets agents easily calculate premiums and use up-to-date forms and documents in accordance with company guidelines.

Want to learn more? Speak to one of our team members today to help us, help you. 

Infiniti Mobile
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