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The Intelledox Marketplace provides a place where new technologies, innovations and solutions can be showcased, shared and delivered by industry and between agencies. Intelledox calls these ‘Extensions’.

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Steve is a Solutions Developer and has developed an internal smart form solution for a Government agency that reduces the time to produce tender documents substantially. He has listed this solution in the Intelledox Marketplace with a description, instructions and a live preview of the solution.

Sally works for as a Procurement Manager within another agency and is looking for opportunities to improve her team’s processes. She goes to the marketplace and learns about Steve’s procurement solution. Following a review of the solution, Sally is able to download a copy of the solution and using the Infiniti Designer is able to update it with her Agency’s branding.

Sally has just saved her agency a significant amount of money and increased the efficiency of her team through the use of the Marketplace.



A city Council is looking to roll out new Smart Forms linking to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Via the marketplace they are able to find similar forms from other municipal councils that rapidly accelerates their Smart Form project. For the integration, they are able to find three suitable system integrators on the marketplace who have experience with similar projects and are in their geographic region. They go through an RFQ process and quickly get the integration underway.

Later they choose to develop their own Smart Forms and are looking for web based training. They are able to find web based training for several of their project members via the marketplace




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What types of extensions can be distributed on the marketplace?

Infiniti Workflow Management

Reusable smart form solutions

Complete processes that can be tailored to specific agency needs with just minor changes using the Design App or web based designer


Project Fragments

Reusable form components to reduce development time, improve reuse of IP and enable parallel development of smart forms


Document fragments

Frequently used document content such as standardized clauses for contracts or simply to speed up document template development


Data Sources & connectors

Third party services that can be used to improve user experience and drive more dynamic smart forms. For example, address validation, digital signatures and integrations to other systems



Both face-to-face packages and e-learning content

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