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Intelledox helps medical teams to deploy faster to Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone

Canberra, Australia – 17 December 2014 – Digital process software firm Intelledox has partnered with global healthcare company Aspen Medical to reduce the time taken to deploy medical teams to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola.

The first group of Australian health workers departed for Sierra Leone last month to work in a 100-bed Ebola treatment facility operated by Aspen Medical.

Manually credentialing a medical team of this size would usually take two weeks, but with Intelledox’s Infiniti business process digitalization platform, the Aspen Medical team were able to quickly create and deploy an online process that enabled them to digitally capture and transform the required data within 24 hours.

Aspen Medical Managing Director Glenn Keys has described the partnership as a life-saving collaboration between two global Canberra-based companies.

“Technology has played a key role in enabling our medical team to get on the ground and to save lives in Sierra Leone faster than ever before,” he said.

“Completing mandatory paperwork for an emergency is a critical step in assembling a medical response team. We are very lucky that we were already using Intelledox Infiniti in other parts of the business, and that our team was fully trained and therefore able to rapidly create the online credentialing process with little notice. It is rare that technology solutions can be deployed this fast. It really can save lives,” he said.

Intelledox CEO Phillip Williamson said that it was very satisfying to know that the company’s software had enabled Aspen Medical to get medical staff into the field and treating Ebola patients in such a short timeframe.

“Intelledox’s Infiniti software is typically used to eliminate paperwork in complex banking and government processes. Our software engineers and developers are extremely pleased that their technology is being used to make a positive difference in terms of getting people on the ground in West Africa and treating those affected by Ebola,” he said.

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