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CIOs should make digital business technologies an IT responsibility: Gartner

The boundary between operational and information technologies is becoming increasingly blurred, according to a recent statement by technology research and advisory firm Gartner.

Vice president and Gartner fellow Hung LeHong told Gartner's Beijing CIO Forum this week that CIOs will need to decide how to position their IT organization in relation to emerging digital business technologies.

"“The IT organization is used to owning and supporting 'back office' and infrastructure technologies. Digital business technologies support the 'front office' and operations and may be emerging technologies that are not commonly part of the IT agenda,” he said.

“Many companies are looking to digital business technologies as their next source of competitive advantage. There is too much at stake — in both business value and technology investment — for CIOs to stay in the margins.”

In light of statements like these, technology leaders are seeking end-to-end digitalization solutions that empower business users, drive innovation through IT, optimize business processes and make capturing and re-using data simple.

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Phillip Williamson

Phillip Williamson is Co-founder and Chief Innovator of Intelledox. He is a software entrepreneur with an eye for the development of innovative technologies and has assisted some of the world’s largest organizations make significant improvements to their business processes.

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