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Gartner reveals 2014 technology predictions for government

Government agencies worldwide are under increased pressure to deliver more outcomes with fewer resources. While this will continue into the New Year, leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner says it’s not all bad news for innovative CIOs.

In its 2014 predictions for government released this week, Gartner claims that unique opportunities exist for government CIOs willing to assume critical leadership roles, place technology at the core of government processes and transform their agencies into digital businesses.

Gartner research director Rick Howard said “governments at all tiers and in all regions of the globe continue to operate in the long shadow cast by the global financial crisis, negotiating growing demands for public services with economic uncertainty and a perpetual state of austerity”.

“There remains an acute need to reduce the overall cost of providing government services while remaining responsive to citizen expectations,” he said

Howard went on to say that government CIOs will need to recapitalize stressed IT budgets and optimize technology portfolios to provide more stable operations at a lower cost.

“Gartner’s 2014 predictions for government highlight the logical consequences and impacts that flow from the adoption of cloud computing, mobile devices, social media and accessibility to new sources of information.

“By embracing and not obstructing these disruptive technological changes, government CIOs can pursue opportunities to transform their agency into a digital business.”

With this in mind, government CIOs should be looking to make smart IT purchases that streamline complex processes, reduce operational costs and deliver a swift return on investment.

In 2014, cloud-ready, mobile-enabled business process automation software - including smart forms - will play a key role in delivering higher quality services to citizens for less.

A best practice solution should seamlessly integrate with existing legacy IT systems, deliver time savings of up to 200 per cent and include workflow functionality allowing  employees to be more productive on higher value duties.

To read Gartner’s predictions in full, download the Predicts 2014: Government CIOs are key to moving the digital enterprise forward report.

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