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Three ways smart forms can boost your bottom line

Raise your hand if you've ever felt completely bamboozled after reading a question like this on an application form:

"If you answered A, continue to question 12. If you answered B, select YES at question 13 and continue to question 14. If you answered C, you will need to complete an additional PART B document, which must be printed and submitted with this application."

These questions are confusing, often irrelevant to your situation and can take hours to navigate. They're not exactly fun to process either. Once submitted, employees often need to re-key your data into systems, manually update customers regarding the status of their applications, and seek approvals via email or in-tray.

Paper forms and manual processes are frustrating for both customers and employees, but there is a solution. Smart forms have already helped hundreds of organizations around the world to optimize business processes and make mobile data collection simple.

Here are three ways that smart forms can help your organization to transform and perform:

1. Improve mobile data collection 

Smart forms facilitate data collection, consumption and transformation. They automate information gathering, dynamically generate forms (i.e. when  a user enters name, age and number of children, this may prompt for a set of questions relating to these attributes or add particular content to a communication or proposal) and documents and can trigger process workflows.  With smart forms, completing forms, applications, surveys and renewals is simple - and more cost effective.

Smart forms make it easy to capture information on-the-go. Unlike paper or PDF forms, they can be completed on any smart device, dynamically adapt based on responses to previous questions and draw on data in existing systems to save you time filling out unnecessary fields.  With smart forms, you can collect data, kick-off a business process, or generate a corporate document while on the run.

2. Enhance customer satisfaction

Many organizations are struggling to reach customers effectively. Forbes recently reported that while 86 per cent of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, just one per cent of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations.

In other words, you're not the only person who gets irritated by paper forms and navigating complex manual processes. Your customers feel the same way, which is why it's vital to ensure processes as streamlined as possible.

Smart forms make it easier for customers to provide the information you need to generate revenue and maintain good customer relationships. Your business collects more usable customer information and allows you to capitalize on more sales opportunities.

3. Speed up document generation

While IT and business leaders seek universal access to information, cost efficiencies, regulatory compliance, strong governance and greater collaboration, many are now uncertain of how to do this in an evolving technology landscape. Smart forms can help.

Combined with a document generation solution, smart forms enable your business to produce documentation such as licences, contracts and statements of advice with greater ease and accuracy. Smart forms can also be used to complete pre-prepared document templates, using existing information stored in your line of business systems. With smart forms, you can generate complex documents fast, leaving you more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

See how Infiniti smart forms can transform your business. Try a free demo today.


Phillip Williamson

Phillip Williamson is Co-founder and Chief Innovator of Intelledox. He is a software entrepreneur with an eye for the development of innovative technologies and has assisted some of the world’s largest organizations make significant improvements to their business processes.

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