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Australian tech sector to lead digital revolution: Gartner

Australia has all the ingredients to be a leader in the digital industrial revolution, according to an opinion piece by Gartner research director Derry Finkeldey published in the Australian Financial Review this week.

Finkeldey wrote:

"The world economy is picking up, and business sentiment in Australia is lifting accordingly. Most signs are there for positive investment in business infrastructure – stable low interest rates, steady employment and a wealth of talent and good ideas.

Our mature technology market is heading in the right direction, from the ho-hum spending growth last year of 1.6 per cent to a more respectable forecast of 2.5 per cent in 2014 and trending up through 2016, suggesting there is more money for the tech investments required for digital innovation to be taken up more broadly across the Australian business landscape.

Australia has all the ingredients to be a leader in what we are calling the 'digital industrial revolution', where businesses primarily interact digitally with employees and customers, and most operational processes, with both physical and virtual assets in the value chain, are digitalised."

Australia has a vibrant and innovative technology sector that is thriving both internationally and at home. And with Gartner's latest report on global IT spending suggesting that Australian organizations will spend more than $7.6 billion on technology and telecommunications this year, the outlook is bright.

Intelledox is already working with several Australian enterprise and government clients to digitalise operational processes. It has helped the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to digitalise its coastal trading licence application process by replacing paper forms and manual processes with a smart form solution. Shipping companies can now lodge licence applications from any smart device or computer, check on the status of  applications using an authenticated portal and make payment online.

The result is faster permit assessment turnaround times, improved government to business communication, a more efficient and effective regulatory operating system and greater transparency of business processes.

Digitalising business processes doesn't have to be complicated. Many of Intelledox's Infiniti solutions have been implemented in weeks, rather than months or years. To experience the benefits of the digital industrial revolution first-hand, try a free Infiniti demo today.


Phillip Williamson

Phillip Williamson is Co-founder and Chief Innovator of Intelledox. He is a software entrepreneur with an eye for the development of innovative technologies and has assisted some of the world’s largest organizations make significant improvements to their business processes.

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