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Managing your SharePoint environment with Infiniti by Intelledox

Infiniti by Intelledox works with Microsoft SharePoint to help organizations get more value from their enterprise content management (ECM) investments. For many organizations, information management challenges include: Managing corporate content Producing accurate customer correspondence that meets regulatory requirements Efficient use

Integrating document automation with ERP

Many line-of-business (LOB) applications store important data about clients, customers, staff, business protocols and processes – making them a valuable asset if used properly. Organizations looking to add value to their ERP systems need to use this information to maximum

Taking control of the document lifecycle

DOCUMENT AUTOMATION SYSTEMS – CONTROLLING CONTENT CREATION Content chaos is a reality for many organizations, particularly those that must create and manage hundreds if not thousands of different types of communications in their day-to-day business. Companies that have greater control

Document automation and the financial industry

DOCUMENT AUTOMATION HELPS FINANCIAL ORGANIZATIONS TO STREAMLINE OPERATIONS  The global financial crisis (GFC) created great pressure on financial organizations across the world, forcing them to make processes more robust, better regulated and increasingly efficient. Challenges faced in the wake of

Corporate governance: How can document management help?

BUSINESSES CAN BOOST THEIR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ADHERENCE THROUGH DOCUMENT GENERATIONS SYSTEMS The global financial crisis (GFC) has had a lasting effect on many industries, with an increased focus on compliance, corporate governance and risk assessment. Now that the GFC has

Boosting ROI through effective document management

DOCUMENT GENERATION – HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE Any organization looking to invest in new business software will want to know the answer to one very important question – how will this boost our ROI? Document generation systems can improve

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