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Workflow & business mapping

Poorly-managed workflow systems can affect a business’s reputation, brand, productivity and compliance with the law. Common difficulties include creating multiple copies of a single document, using out-of-date templates and making errors during data entry.

Workflow and business mapping

Infiniti’s workflow engine enables users to streamline business processes, reducing the risk of human error and improving inefficiencies. Businesses can design, map and better manage processes using Infiniti’s intelligent document creation and process management features. Infiniti can use, stage, interpret, verify data on the fly, as well as build in rules as to how to manage data connectors.

By facilitating the forwarding of information from one person to another colleague or department for approval, Infiniti helps to boost document resilience and compliance.

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Did you know: Intelledox consistently saves companies between 200 and 500 per cent of their document production time.
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