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Seamless integration

Infiniti seamlessly integrates with existing line-of-business (LOB) systems. Integrating a business  system with Infiniti increases organizational efficiency and makes data more valuable and useful.

Integrating Infiniti with LOB systems can occur at any stage of the communications lifecycle. Existing third party applications can trigger Infiniti to perform tasks such as information gathering, data transformation and document output as part of a process or workflow.

Seamless integration

Smart forms

Infiniti can be integrated into an organization’s website or intranet as a web form to gather user information or create customer correspondence documents.

Data transformation

Infiniti takes raw data from an organisation’s system and transforms it into meaningful information.

Document generation and delivery

With its seamless integration capabilities, Infiniti can retrieve data (and subsequently store completed forms/documents) from a variety of LOB systems and use this to generate bulk or ad-hoc documents.

With a wide variety of integration options, Infiniti maximizes an organization’s investments in existing business systems. It provides an automated document creation and smart forms solution that increases the efficiency of document related business processes.

Infiniti and cloud computing integration

Infiniti can be deployed via cloud computing services such as Windows Azure. Cloud computing integration presents organizations with a document automation solution in a dynamic infrastructure that can rapidly respond to an evolving business landscape.

Infiniti’s integration with cloud computing services allows users to access applications deployed through the cloud service. This provides optimized connectivity and tighter integration across an organization’s existing business systems.

To find out how Infiniti’s integration options can make your data work harder, contact us.

‘’The Intelledox implementation streamlines patient registration – it puts the patient in control of their personal details and allows the staff to focus on other important business processes’’

Manager, hospital admissions, private hospital chain

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