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Information security is a key concern for many organizations. When it comes to document automation and workflow processes, Intelledox Infiniti’s permission-driven system of authorization ensures that content remains secure, consistent and accurate - without causing unnecessary inconvenience.

The strength of an organization’s template system is dependent on who has created and modified those templates, so it is important that employees are not given free rein to chop and change as they please.


Permission Driven

With Infiniti’s built in security roles, tasks such as creating, maintaining and developing templates are restricted to authorized users. Unauthorized users (such as other employees or customers) can access and use templates, but are unable to make alterations.

Only knowledgeable, authorized users can make important revisions to templates. Since this responsibility is shared, document production is faster and more productive. At the same time, unauthorized users are prevented from making unsecure changes to templates.

The result: accurate, secure information that can be conveniently updated by authorized users when necessary.

“Intelledox’s product and design expertise delivered significant productivity benefits to the department… It reduced the applicant query rate and additional contact needed to clarify information from over 80 per cent of all applicants to less than 20 per cent’’

Gary Leifheit, CIO, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

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