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Multi-format, multi-channel delivery

Intelledox Infiniti’s multi-format, multi-channel output ensures fast, targeted and relevant communication.Whether an organization needs to produce one document or thousands, Intelledox Infiniti makes it simple to generate and deliver bulk outbound communications.Using Microsoft Word as the design tool, Infiniti draws on existing corporate data to deliver smart communications to multi-channel outputs. Multi-format

Multi format Multi Channel

Format and output types

Infiniti outputs in a variety of formats. It can generate email messages (with information such as names, carbon copy contacts, configured email body text and HTML) or create automated documents in formats such as:

  • Word Documents
  • PowerPoint
  • XML
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • OpenDoc

Multi-channel delivery

Infiniti provides a middleware framework which allows a decision point to be defined and permit the routing of corporate output to an email rather than a printed solution.

Using sophisticated rules structure and a high volume document generation engine, Infiniti can route documents to a print queue, email, fax, XML, email gateway for mass printing and/or electronic fulfilment or simply repository storage and retrieval.

With Infiniti, organizations can generate a single document (using data extracted from a smart form) or multi-document output (with data extracted from a line-of-business system). Infiniti’s high volume document generation engine interprets the information and associated rules and will route to the necessary location. The output engine can generate as many documents as required.

To find out more about how Infiniti’s multi-format, multi-channel output can improve your organization’s communications, contact us.

Did you know: Intelledox consistently improves companies document production capabilities by  200 and 500 per cent, saving them up to 90% of their document production time.
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