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Metadata ensures automated content is easily archived, retrieved and preserved. Infiniti makes it easier to categorize, index, store, search and retrieve data by attaching metadata to new documents. Metadata rules can be set automatically according to the context and content of the produced document. Metadata


Metadata is searchable, so employees and organizations can locate required information quickly. This feature is particularly useful for investigations, audits and lawsuits.

Infiniti’s integration with systems such as HP TRIM ensures speed and accuracy. The document creation system (DCS) inputs into the ECM workflow, with TRIM record information dynamically inserted as documents are created.

With SharePoint, the DCS assigns document-consistent metadata, records future answers and places document output into the relevant SharePoint Library.

This integration enables DCS to reduce risks while improving data integrity, security and user productivity. Documents are generated and in the right location and format with required metadata.

To find out more about how metadata can make your organization more efficient, contact us.

“Infiniti has reduced AXA Australia’s financial document process completion (e.g. statements of advice and financial services guides) from 7 hours to 40 minutes.”

Phillip Williamson, Intelledox CEO

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