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Cloud-based collaboration tools make your business faster and more efficient.

Infiniti integrates with Windows Azure. It can be deployed into cloud-based environments to provide customers with fast, flexible infrastructure that is responsive to changing business dynamics.


Business Benefits

Benefits of the cloud include lower ownership cost and fewer restrictions than on-premises deployment. In addition cloud and SaaS provide enhanced flexibility and scalability of core infrastructure. Enterprises and government agencies can also deploy customer communication solutions that leverage Infiniti’s Smart Form, Document Automation, CRM/line of business integration and Workflow Management tools.

Infiniti’s XML engine easily integrates with existing IT systems. These systems could be on premise or on a Cloud and SaaS platform. Rather than replace legacy systems that are critical to running business processes, Infiniti enhances these systems with it’s ability to push and pull data from them.

Collaboration is also more feasible by utilizing a Cloud and SaaS based system. It enables the employees of organizations to remain productive even when they are on the go. It gives benefits in mobility and performance improvement to the organizations.

cloud-saas-intelledoxThe SaaS version of Infiniti caters to organizations with smaller IT and infrastructure budgets. For a small monthly subscription fee, Intelledox allows customers to access Infiniti Enterprise as a hosted service. This allows customers to create intelligent templates for document generation.

By using Infiniti as a Cloud or SaaS-based service, you will get an open and reliable tool that is easy to scale up or down depending on your business needs.

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Fast fact: 70% of CIOs worldwide are expected to embrace a cloud-first strategy in 2016.
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