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Centralized management

Centralized management is one of the most effective ways to structure corporate information. The benefits of Infiniti’s centralized management include ease of upgrades and installation. Centralized Management

Why Centralized Management?

Hosting on central servers also optimizes document creation times and increases the reliability of business processes. Infiniti creates version histories to easily manage changes. When a version of one project is being edited by another user, the earlier versions of this project can later be restored.

Infiniti is a platform that makes it easier for organizations to enter into a socially-aware business model. It provides a single, personalized portal that delivers content, communication and application inter-operability. Users have real-time access to corporate information, not only in the traditionally structured business communications (up-down) but also in the unstructured peer-to-peer (left to right) communications.

Centralized-managementThe Intelledox integration solution allows users to work faster and more accurately, significantly reducing risk of human error and the potential for non-compliance. Infiniti provides an end-to-end solution to an organization’s document management system, maximising the value of their existing business systems.

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“Using Infiniti by Intelledox, a document that previously took 10 minutes to build can now be produced in less than two minutes. This is a time saving of around 80 per cent.”

Phillip Williamson, Intelledox Co-Founder & Chief Innovator

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